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Area: 65.03 sq km.

Altitude: 45 meters (146 ft.)

Temperature (deg C): Summer - Max.38, Min.27.1. Winter - Max.28.2, Min.15.2.

Rainfall: Mid June-September 60 inches (152 cms).

Languages Spoken: Oriya, Bengali, Hindi, English.

Best season: October to March.

Excursions: Dhauligiri- 8 kms, Udaygiri Khandagiri- 8 kms, Nandan Kanan Zoo- 25 kms, Chandipur- 16 kms, Pipli- 29 kms, Atri Springs- 42 kms, Sun Temple, Konark- 65 kms. 

Reach -
By Air: Connected with Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Varanasi, Raipur and Vishakhapatnam.
By Rail: Directly connected with Calcutta, Puri, Madras, Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Tirupati, Trivandrum.
By Road: Calcutta- 480 kms, Chilka Lake (Barkul)- 130 kms, Cuttack- 32 kms, Gopalpur- 184 kms, Konark- 64 kms, Madras- 1225 kms, Puri- 62 kms.

The seat of Lord Jagannath, Site of Renowned Rathyatra Festival and one of the most popular sea side resorts on the Bay of Bengal, Puri is an ideal travel destination all the year round.

Places Of Interest: Shri Jagannath Temple, Daria Hanuman and Sonar Gouranga Temple, Gundicha Char, Indradyumma Tank, Narendra/Chandan Tank, Loknath Temple, Swarga Dwar, Sea Beach at Puri.

Excursions: Sakshigopal- 19 kms, Konark- 31 kms, Bhubaneshwar- 63 kms.

Reach -
By Air: The Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar- 65 kms.
By Rail: Well connected to Berhampore (Orissa), Bhubaneswar, Calcutta, Cochin, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Madras, Tirupati, Trivandrum, Varanasi.
By Road: Bhubaneshwar- 62 kms, Calcutta- 541 kms, Chilika- 167 kms, Konark- 31 kms, Madras- 1285 kms, Sambalpur- 362 kms, Vishakhapatnam- 486 kms.

Area: 2.5 sq km.

Altitude: Sea level.

Temperature (deg C): Summer- Max. 43, Min. 32.2. Winter- 26.7, Min. 10.6.

Rainfall: 152.4 cms (July to September).

Clothing: Summer- Light tropical & cottons, Winter- light woolens.

Languages spoken: Oriya, Bengali, Hindi, English.

Best season: Throughout the year, but preferably October to March.

Reach -
By Air: Nearest airport Bhubaneshwar- 64 kms is connected with Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad, Madras and Nagpur.
By Rail: Nearest railheads Puri- 31 kms and Bhubaneshwar- 64 kms are connected with the major places.
By Road: Konark is well-connected with Bhubaneshwar as well as the major places.

Altitude: Sea level.

Temperature (deg C): Summer- Max. 35, Min. 23. Winter- Max. 27, Min. 16.

Rainfall: 118.7 cms (46.7 inches).

Languages Spoken: Oriya, Hindi, English.

Best Season: Throughout the year, preferably October to April.

Places Of Interest: Gopalpur is situated right on the Bay of Bengal with a beautiful sea-beach.

Excursions: Chilika Lake- 45 kms from Ramba and 75 kms from Barkul, Nirmaljhar- 56 kms, Taptapani (sulphur spring)- 67 kms.

Reach -
By Air: Bhubaneshwar is the nearest airport- 180 kms.
By Rail: Berhampur- 16 kms is the nearest railhead.
By Road: Barkul- 75 kms, Berhampur- 16 kms, Bhubaneshwar- 180 kms, Puri- 242 kms.

Area: 2750 sq km.

Altitude: 559.31 meters above sea level.

Temperature (Deg C): Summer- Max.40, Min.20. Winter- Max.20, Min.4.4.

Rainfall: 1648 mm ( Mid. June to Mid. September ).

Best Season: 1st November to 15th June. December to February is extremely cold. (The reserve remains open from 15th Oct. to 15th June).

Places of Interest - Fauna found at the Park include the tiger, leopard, elephants, bison, sambar, porcupine, pangolin, flying-squirrel, hill myna, hornbill, python etc.

Excursions - Kiching- 50 kms from Joshipur.

Reach -
By Air: Nearest airports are Calcutta- 250 kms and Bhubaneshwar- 300 kms.
By Rail: Balasore- 76 kms from Lulung. Jamshedpur- 115 kms from Jashipur.
By Road: Baripada- 20 kms, Jashipur- 114 kms, Bhubaneshwar- 320 kms, Calcutta- 250 kms from Lulung.
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