Weather Insurance

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Weather Insurance

Weather Insurance

DEFINITION of 'Weather Insurance' A type of protection against a financial loss that may be incurred because of rain, snow, storms, wind, fog, undesirable temperatures or other adverse, measurable weather conditions.

Weather Insurance Plan Covers:

  • If there is a deviation of the observed weather index from strike index, it shoots up the operational cost with reference to agricultural/non-agricultural economic activity. The policy covers the same.
  • If extreme weather conditions harm the production of your crops. This can happen in a specific geographical and particular season, you are covered against such a loss.

Weather Insurance Policy Exclusions:

  • Damages caused due to nuclear waste, combustion or fuel.
  • Loss or damage caused due to radioactive, explosive toxic or hazardous properties explosion.
  • Loss or damages caused due to terrorist activities.
  • War, foreign invasions, unlawful operations, civil war, anti-social activities, hostilities, rebellion, detention, seizure, confiscation, etc.
  • Man Made anti-social activities like riots, strike, malicious acts, pollution contamination, and other damaging conditions which are not pertaining to the weather.

Companies providing Weather Insurance are:

In India the leading insurance providers for weather insurance are


ICICI Lombard General Insurance

Documentation Required:

It is mandatory to provide the following documents to buy a weather insurance –

  • Valid photo identity proof
  • Land record – pertaining to the standing crop for which the insurance is taken