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Computer Insurance


Computer Insurance

What is Computer insurance ?

Computer insurance is the insurance of computer hardware, systems and data against loss or damage.

Computer insurance is a form of insurance policy designed to protect computers from loss, theft, or damage. While a computer is likely not the most expensive piece of property a person might own, it is perhaps one of the most important. Computers are increasingly relied upon for many facets of communication and data storage. Losing a computer can cause significant headaches, some of which an insurance plan may be able to alleviate. There are many types of computer insurance, from basic warranty extensions to full coverage plans, and most can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs.

The majority of warranty programs do not cover accidental, or user-inflicted, damage. A warranty might replace a keyboard that cracked due to poor workmanship, for instance, but will typically not replace one that has had coffee spilled in it. In order to insure against external damage or loss, a computer owner often needs a separate insurance policy.

In some instances, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may cover certain damage or loss to a computer owned by the policyholder. Theft is almost always covered, provided the computer was stolen from the insured house or apartment. Computers damaged by flooding, fire, or power surge on the property often are, as well. As computers grow increasingly mobile and portable, however, the chances of loss or damage within the home diminish. Insurance policies can often be adapted to cover loss or damage away from home, but this coverage may not be automatically included.