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Free Darling SMS
Ru know full fom of DARLING ?
D = dear
A = always
R = remembar
L = love
I = is
N = not
G = game They learned me that one hours equals 60 minutes
and that one minute equals 60 seconds,
but they never told me that one second
without you can last for ever!

Khushiyon ka ek sansaar leke ayenge,
patjhar mei bhi bahar leke ayenge,
jab bhi pukaroge pyar se hame,
maut se bhi saansen udhar leke ayenge…! Teri har ada mohabbat si lagti hai
Ek pal ki judayi sadiyoun si lagti hai
Pehle nahin socha tha ab sochne laga hoon
Zindagi ke har lamhe mein teri zaroorat si lagti hai Har sham kehti hun tumko bhul jaungi,
mgr jab subah hoti hai irada bhul jati hun,
tumhari yaadon se ab abaad meri zindagi hai,
tumhari yaadon me aksar mein sona bhul jati hun...!

U can fall from the sky
U can fall from a tree
But the best way to fall
is in love with me

I think you are ugly and stupid, You are a real pain in the ... Wait a moment.... oh no, I do have the right number...

Why do men fart more often than women ? Because women do not keep their mouth shut long enough to build up the pressure..

Women are just like frogs. They have a big mouth and are scared of the stork.

You know when you are really too fat? When you are on the beach and Greenpeace carries you back to the sea.

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